Monday, November 2, 2009

Homeschool Conversations pt. 1

This was a conversation that occurred this morning:

D-Man: (while finishing his geography) Mom, can we do my word problems book next...PLEASE?

Mom: Sure. If if that's what you want to do...

D-Man: How many pages can I do? Can I do a lot?

Mom (who has planned for D-Man to do 1 page/day): How about 2 pages? That's a lot, right?

D-Man: No, how about 5 pages because I'm 5? Can I please do 5 pages? That would be 10 problems. (He continues talking to himself) Unless I do 20 problems...then I would only have to do 5 more pages.

Mom: Okay, you can do 5 pages (as she wonders what we're going to do when he finishes this book).


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Dad said...

That kid is awesome!