Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lunch at Sonic

Friday, we got to go to Sonic for lunch. Those of you who know me, know that this is a big deal for me to take the boys out to lunch. We rarely eat fast food. However, Sonic is great for a reward because they have fun drinks for kids (and Mom) plus the boys can get something besides chicken nuggets. Oh, and the boys love that they can get bananas instead of french fries.

The treat was for D-Man finishing up Horizons K this week. It took us less than 4 months to complete it, but the last 15 lessons seemed to drag on. This is mostly because we received Singapore PM 1A in the mail and D-Man was really exicted about it. We started to use Singapore as our primary math each day and Horizons K was relegated to a supplement. We did a little at a time until we got to lesson 150. That's when D-Man decided he was going to finish it. He worked on it during his rest times and finished it in 3 days. His motivation was that I wouldn't let him start Horizons 1 until Horizons K was completely finished. He's been chomping at the bit to do Horizons 1. So, we'll get to start it today, too.

Singapore PM will still be our main math program; Horizons 1 will be a supplement. Horizons presents a wider range of topics and LOTS of practice problems. We'll also be starting Challenging Word Problems (CWP) 1 soon. The CWP books have gone out of print, so I had the bindings cut off, put each page in page protecters, and put them in a binder. My idea of a non-consumable workbook. D-Man loves word problems, so CWP will be more of a fun, bonus activity on Fridays.

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