Monday, October 26, 2009

Art and Airplanes

My parents recently visited us. When my parents drive here from Oregon, you never know when they'll arrive or what they'll visit along the way. For the boys, they never know what cool presents Grandma and Grandpa will buy at their stops. This trip, my parents visited several Oregon trail sights. They bought us several Oregon Trail books and a map. They also bought the boys some models of a stagecoach, covered wagon, and windmill. They also visited an Air Museum somewhere in Kansas. There they bought D-Man and C-Monster a couple of wooden airplanes to paint and put together. Well, we didn't get to it while they were visiting, but the day they left, the boys were excited to do the project. Shawn set up the paints and we let the boys go.

C-Monster chose the faster color-wash method
D-Man was deep in concentration creating some detail on his plane.

The finished project
They even made for some pretty sturdy toys.


Tom & said...

The planes look great! It looks like they had a great time putting them together. We miss you guys already!

Dinsfamily said...

We miss you guys too! Can't wait to see Peyton in April though :)