Saturday, August 22, 2009

Preparing to homeschool

I didn't just wake up a couple of months ago and decide to homeschool. I started thinking about it before D-Man was born. While we lived in North Carolina (2002), I met some amazing hs families. It was my first close-up experience with homeschoolers and it convinced me to do some research. While living in Boston (2004), I became friends with 3 more homeschooling families. They exposed me to different styles of homeschooling. Once I realized the type of education I could provide my children, I was hooked. Since then, I've read every homeschooling book I could find at the library and spent many hours online looking for curriculum.

So here's what I've come up with for K-2nd grade:

Home School Curriculum Plans K-2

My style of schooling is mainly Christian classical with Charlotte Mason and Principle Approach influences. I'll go more in depth on those in a future post.

I've planned my curriculum up to 6th grade. It isn't set in stone, but it gives me a direction. It would be difficult for me to plan one year at a time. I really need to know what we're working on now will be compatible with what I want to do in the 4th grade.

Do I have some form of OCD? Probably...I just wish it would show up when I clean my house now and then.

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