Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Current SL Reading List

Part of school for us is reading great books. For D-Man's Kindergarten year, I chose to use Sonlight's P4/5 curriculum. Yes, technically it is for preschoolers...sort of. The recommended ages are 4-5 so, even though Daniel is in Kindergarten, he falls into the intended age range. After using this program for the 8 weeks (and making it through 10 weeks of reading), I know I made the right choice. We love the book selections and Daniel is getting a lot out of them. P4/5 is titled Explore God's World. It includes books that discuss different cultures and stories from many countries as well as some great storybooks. It is a gentle intro to reading aloud, geography, science, and social studies. It is the fun part of our schoolday. So here's what we're reading right now:

This is our Bible. It is a children's Bible that includes many of the stories that other children's Bibles omit such as Balaaam's Donkey or the Bronze Snake.

This is our science book for about 15 weeks. So far we covered the year including months, seasons, and holidays and nature. Next up, the science fair section. Dad-this section includes some physics.

Our Mother Goose collection for the year. Considering the ages of the boys, I'll probably be reading from a Mother Goose book for the next 10 years. At least I have a few of them to keep it interesting.

This book is a good example of why I chose to use Sonlight. I would not have picked this book to read to the boys. I'm just not a fan of poetry so it's a good thing that Sonlight thinks poetry is important. The boys love this book. We read some of the poems over and over. I know that they don't understand them all yet, but that'll come with age. The poems are accompanied by beautiful Eric Carle illustrations. I will admit that while poetry isn't my favorite genre, these poems are good and the artwork is breathtaking.

This is the little people's version of The Book of Virtues by William Bennett. It takes exerpts of different stories (mostly classic literature) and uses them to illustrate virtues. We haven't read much from it yet, but I think that I'd like to create a mini-study of virtues from this book when we're finished with this core.

This is by far my favorite book in the core. It is a storybook filled with stories of a helpful bunny gentleman. Even though these stories were written 75 years ago, the boys can't get enough Uncle Wiggily stories. They are written in a completely different style than today's children's literature and stretch the boys' listening ability and vocabulary.

We haven't actually started this book yet, we'll start it tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it, though. I don't really know anything about art so I'll be learning about it along with the boys. D-Man, however, really enjoys art, so I think this book will inspire him. I plan to start an age-appropriate art program with him later this year as well.

This book ranks among D-Man's favorites. He loves the Rabbit and Tiger stories. Unfortuately, outside of few in this book, I haven't been able to find anymore. This book compiles several stories and myths from countries around the world. We'll be rereading many of them when we start our geography curriculum soon.

This book introduced us to the Island of Banilla and all of the people who live there. Everyone on Banilla has a different job and each week we explore one. This week we are covering the pilot which D-Man should like.

Some of these books we'll read throughout the year; others we'll finish and then go on to the next topic. D-Man really enjoys our reading time. I don't require C-Monster to sit with us during our reading-time but he usually does. It is a nice, quiet time for us each day.


Emily said...

Taira, I enjoyed this list very much!! My kids love playing the Uncle Wiggly game (just as I did as a child), but I had no idea that it was originally a book!!!! It's on the list for my next Amazon order, as is Eric Carle's book.

I recently came across a bunch of Horn Book reviews of some cool sounding science books...and incidentally know some science based poetry books, which my kids like. Can give you the titles if you are interested!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...

I like the book selections. I have been putting off using Sonlight, but keep seeing it being used and like what I see. I guess I'm going to have to check it out and will probably be adding it this school year.

Dinsfamily said...

I've seen that game on Amazon and might be a good present for my dc. Thanks for the info. I would love that list of books. My e-mail is in my profile.

Dinsfamily said...

Milk and Honey Mommy,
I really can't say anything but great things about SL. I hope you're equally as pleased with the curriculum and the company.