Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life is Hectic

Yes, homeschooling life can be hectic. It took us an hour to do LA the other day because the littles were into EVERYTHING and trying to persuade D-Man to come play. It was a particularly crazy time because of exterminators, short nap times, and mixed up schedules. I know it will get harder as they get older and I have more to school.

However, as I'm drinking my coffee in front of the computer with my boys snuggled upstairs sleeping, I am watching all of the kids go to school at 7:15 out my front window. 7:15!! That's what time D-Man would have to be out the door. I know some have early risers, but God has blessed me with late sleepers. I can't imagine having to feed and dress 3 kids to drive one to school everyday at 7:15!

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