Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly Report Week 10

This was a short week with Labor Day on Monday. We did a little school on that day because we wanted to show Shawn what we do. He's always at work during school. He was impressed with D-Man's grasp of the rules and marking in our spelling program. We weren't taught this way, so it's surprising to see what a 5yo can learn.

Language Arts- We had quite a few silent E words this week so D-Man was happy. We still didn't read our words enough, so that's my goal for next week. He did get a 100% on his spelling test. He was so proud of himself. We finished up the E list. His penmanship wasn't the best during his test, so we're going to focus on that as well. Here's a picture of his test from Friday.

Math- We just finished up lesson 125 (out of 160) so I ordered his new program. I just found out that there aren't any new concepts introduced after lesson 140. This level has all been review for him anyway, so we're going to start Singapore 1A when we get to lesson 140 and use the last 20 lessons as review on Fridays. When we finish Horizons K, we'll start using Horizons 1 as review on Fridays.

Sonlight-Our favorite story this week was St. George and the Dragon. Through St. George, we learned about courage, bravery, and duty. What great virtues for little boys to learn! C-Monster had just decided that day to be a knight for our chruch's Fall Festival, so this story came at a perfect time. He even told me that he wants to be a knight when he grows up. We might have a hard time finding dragons for him to slay. D-Man was captivated by this story, so I'm going to look up more knight stories at the library.

Science- We read two books for science this week. We read the scheduled Year at Maple Hill Farm and added it's companion Animals at Maple Hill Farm. They were both sweet books. The way that the authors captured the personalities of the animals was perfect. The beautiful artwork was a bonus. The only downside is that there are only two books. I wish there were more in the series. After we finished reading about the year, we finally got around to making our year poster. D-Man (like his mom) is a visual learner so I decided that we needed to put our knowledge of the year down on posterboard. I did the writing while D-Man read which seasons and months to put on the poster. Then, he and C-Monster decorated it. Here's our final product:

Besides new math, I also ordered geography and art this week. I can't wait for them to arrive!

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