Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SWR Binders

A few people have asked about SWR Binder Organization so I decided to post mine here.

I have two binders: The first is my Teacher's Binder. I use this one everyday.

It has 4 tabs so far:

1. Schedules/Procedures. Here I keep the most important stuff. I have my schedule, a dictation guide, a introduce vs. quiz vs. test guide, and different helps that I print off of the yahoo group.

2. Log. This is a log that I keep to help me remember what we've done each day. I have my schedule, but I don't follow it exactly. I figure this log will help out when I start SWR with C-Monster.

3. Enrichments/Game Ideas. This is where I keep any ideas I have or find on good enrichments. The yahoo group is full of them. This way I can keep my favorites organized.

4. Materials. Here I have all of my additional materials. I currently have the McCall-Hardy and McCall-Crabbs books, the Suggested Book List, and my getting started printouts. This will grow when I order the rest of the materials next year.

Up front, I keep two pencil pouches. I have one for pencils and highlighters and a second one to hold our phonogram cards. I tried it all in one pencil pouch, but that didn't work. Then, in the front pocket, I have my own logbook.

The second binder is D-Man's student binder. This doesn't get used too often yet. It really just holds his logbook and tests. Eventually, he'll include more. It has 5 tabs.

1. Phonogram/Spelling Practice. This is just a place where we put any practice sheets that we work on. Realistically, I'll probably chuck all of these at the end of the year.

2. Quizzes/Tests. This is where I file his tests. I don't really put quizzes in here anymore since we do most of those on the white board.

3. Enrichments. This is where I will file any products from enrichments we do. We haven't had any yet.

4. Books read. I have a log that I made to record all of the books he's read. I don't count Bob Books or Fun Tales, so the only thing we have written down so far is Go, Dog, Go. This list will be very useful soon.

5. Paper. This is just where we keep extra paper for writing. I got a huge ream of paper for him, so we just put about 50 sheets in his notebook for easier access.

He also has a pencil pouch that contain a pencil and his very own red pencil.

There you have it. One last thing that has really helped was copying the Scope and Sequence sheet for D-Man. I place a checkmark next to each step as we start it.


mommygirl @ HCA said...

Great post... thanks for sharing! :o)

Anonymous said...

What a great post, thank you! I have been scouring the forums for schedules of P4/5. Have you made one? I am BAD at making them - my littlies are 5, 3, 1; similar to your boys. I also loved your K-2 schedule, so organised, what a great idea.

Dinsfamily said...


Have you checked the SLPreschool Yahoo group for a P4/5 schedule? They have two (Janet's and Amy's) that are pretty good. They aren't be up-to-date with the new books but it's a good start. We can't really post new P4/5 schedules since the SL one is copyrighted and it would infringe on their rights. That's why those two schedules haven't been updated, they were made before SL had a schedule for P4/5. Since P3/4 doesn't have a schedule, we're free to creat whatever we want.

I'm glad you like what I've done. It helps me to be organized for this undertaking. I need to make sure all my bases are covered :)