Friday, June 26, 2009

Spelling Tests

I'm writing this post in response to questions that are being asked about how D-Man is doing on his spelling tests. First, I should expain how I give the tests. The point of the test isn't for him to get 100% on it. It is for him to do it ALL BY HIMSELF with no help from me. That is tough for me; I like to help him out. However, since it is important to find out how well he's grasping the phonograms and spelling words, I just sit there and tell him the words. I can also use them in a sentence for him, but that seems to distract him from writing down the actual spelling word. I throw in maybe 2 sentences in out of 10 words.

It is also important to know that we'll do all of these same words next year. The program is designed to be redundant. We'll go over each list at least twice. Depending on how fast we go through the words, I may do a quick review each year of the words we've already covered twice just to make sure he's got it. This year, we'll go through lists A-I (approximately) doing only 10 words/week. Next year we'll do lists A-L doing 20 words/week. In case you're wondering, the lists vary in number of words. The first few lists have 20 words in them.

He's doing great so far. We completed our 3rd test today and he got a 100%. He also scored 100% on the first two. This was the first week that the words had a couple of two-letter phonograms included. It actually required him to think about how to spell the words. That is the point...not to memorize how each word is spelled, but to think about the composition of the word. One of the many reasons I love this program! This method will allow him to spell words correctly that he's never seen as well as read (sound out) words that he's never read before.


mommygirl @ HCA said...

Hello! I came accross your blog by way of TWTM message boards... SWR Thread. Congratulations on your great choice of SWR. I'm glad it's going so well for you and your ds. We'll officially be starting the WG lists in September.

I'm adding you to my blog list! ;o)

Dinsfamily said...

Thanks! We're really enjoying the program. We'll have to compare notes as we once you all start.