Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Golf Lessons

Now that D-Man is 5, he's finally old enough for golf lessons. He's been infatuated with golf since he was about 18 months old. Until now, he's been satisfied with the driving range and our backyard, but not anymore. Shawn found out that our local golf course offers group lessons for 5-10 yr old kids for less $$ than the YMCA. Surprising, I know. It was a 1-week long class for 1 hour/day. There were 9 kids in D-Man's class and two instructors. Among the students, there was only one other 5 yo. They spent time practicing their full-swings, short-game, and putting. On the last day, they even got to go out to the course to play a couple of holes. D-Man loved every minute of it. He never even complained about the heat (he's definitely my most Texan child). At the end of the week, he asked if we could spend our "break week" (week in between golf and swimming lessons) out on the golf course...everyday. I said "no," but that I'm sure Dad and Grandpa would take him golfing plenty of times when we go to Camp-of-the-Woods. We're also thinking about signing him up for lessons again in August. I'm just a bit worried about the SA temperatures. Our week was reasonably cool (only in the 80s) for the end of June.
Even C-Monster got in on the action. Shawn came to watch the lessons on the last day, but because they took the kids out on the course, he didn't get to see D-Man play. He did get to put around the green with C-Monster though.

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