Monday, May 25, 2009

Ready, Get Set...

We're all ready for the year. I have everything I need. Here's a picture of all of our materials. This is only the stuff for D-Man's kindergarten. It doesn't include the things that I have for C-Monster. C-Monster just has some storybooks that are on his level and some workbooks just to make him feel included if he wants. For D-Man, we have math, math manipulatives, language arts, phonogram games, Bob books (he's already read through these, but we'll go through them again), Fun Tales (another set of beginner readers), and Sonlight P4/5 "Exploring God's World." I'm definitely relieved that I'm finished making decisions about curriculum and it is all here waiting for us to get started. Looking at all of our materials on the table makes me very excited for the coming year.

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