Monday, May 25, 2009

GO!! Our first day of school

Well, we were "supposed" to wait until June 1st to officially start Kindergarten, but we didn't. After reading some posts on the Sonlight forums, I decided that we should gradually start school. First, we would start our Sonlight core; then, add in math; and finally, Spell to Write and Read. It didn't work exactly like that. We started the first day of our core on Friday. D-Man started learning his memory verse and we talked about our character trait of the week: attentiveness. Instead of continuing on with our core reading, D-Man begged to start his math workbook. I made him stop math after 3 lessons since we hadn't had breakfast yet. I wasn't suprised that he did 3 lessons and wanted to do more. After breakfast, we read our whole day's worth of Sonlight and a little more. Shawn was a little disappointed that we hadn't saved any school reading for bedtime. Overall, it was a GREAT first day.

One thing I figured out was that one day of core reading just isn't enough for us. So, I decided that we would just go through each of our "assignments" at our own pace and possibly do the entire thing twice this year. Basically, I need to be flexible.

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