Monday, April 9, 2012

I Guess My Problems Could Be Worse...

D-Man is a crazy reader. He reads anything and everything I leave laying around the house. This is what I've been aiming for since I started homeschooling so it makes me very happy.

I have found two drawbacks to this. First, I can't preread enough books. Since D-Man's only 8, I can't just hand him any book or let him blindly pick books off of the library shelf. I am fairly picky with what I allow him to read. We have some good book lists that I trust and knowledgeable friends ready with ideas (thank you, Donna Hendrick!). There are still times when I'd like to look up book about _______ and hand it to him. Thankfully, I should be much more prepared when Sweet-C gets to this stage.

Second, he keeps reading our schoolbooks. Since we use Sonlight, I am always in the middle of reading several books out loud. We tend to follow the schedule but often get ahead in literature because I can't resist that call for "just one more chapter.". Nowadays, the boys aren't satisfied with just one more chapter. The cry is usually for 2 or 3 more. As much as l like reading aloud to them, I do have other things to get done during the day. When I put my foot down, D-Man asks if he can read it himself. Sometimes he reads silently in bed. Othertimes, he reads aloud to Sweet-C. The result of this is that I know how all of our books start but not how they end (I want to know) and that we're running out of schoolbooks. I just received some extra Sonlight books for Core C and biology on Saturday. He finished one of the Core C books last night and I found 4 of the science books in his bed last night.

I know this isn't really a problem. Despite my perfect curriculum plans being altered each day, I'd rather search for more books than tell him no. It is so much fun seeing him connect with authors I loved at his age and be frustrated because "there's nothing to read." It is a good thing that we live across the street from a library, huh?

I'm off to check out Veritas Press, My Father's World, WinterPromise, and 1000 Good Books for anything I'd like to add to our queue.

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