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Weekly Report- Jan 6, 2011

Well, the holidays are over and it's a new year so it's time to get back to the grind. We had a nice Christmas full of family and joy. The boys did A LOT of cooking and baking with their grandmother and me so there was some learning involved. D-Man also convinced Grandpa
to do several science experiments with him and roped Grandma into reading extras chapters of bedtime stories. Gotta love grandparents. Now that they are on their way back to Oregon, we miss them dearly.

We had a rough start to the school week. My parents left late morning on Monday and we were sad so not much got done. We've been doing more and more each day and were in full swing by Wednesday. Here's what we managed to accomplish.

Math: I knew that math was going to be rough when we started the week. It's been about a month since we earnestly did any math and I knew things would be rusty in D-Man's head. Since I was prepared, it wasn't frustrating for either of us and we worked slower than usual. We had finished Singapore PM 2B at the beginning of December so we were just working through the last third of Horizons 2 and Miquon Blue. Horizons is helping pull the cobwebs off of D's multiplication tables. It'll take awhile to get back where we were on 4s and 6s. I plan on finishing Horizons 2 around the beginning-middle of February and starting Singapore PM 3A Jan 31. I'm also adding in CWP 2 when we have time. C-Monster joined us this week and completed several pages in Singapore's Essential Math and Miquon Orange.

Spelling: We're just reviewing this week and will start full up on Monday. Can't add in too much the first week.

Grammar and Writing: These were both VERY easy to restart so we picked up where we left off. Continuing to do copywork for writing and still doing common vs. proper nouns in grammar. Easy stuff.

Reading: Well, D-Man finished his readers a few months ago and I've just been letting him read independently. My mom gave him a bunch of books for Christmas including the #2-#7 of the Boxcar Children. He was really excited and immediately started BC#2, Surprise Island, and is tearing through it. It's the longest book he's read to date. To check off my reading box on my school schedule, I'm having him read a few pages aloud to me each night. I have no idea what's going on in the story (despite the fact I read it to the boys last April) since I'm only getting snippets each day. Once we start our new readers on Jan 31st, his new books will just go back to being free reading. Normally, I'd schedule time for free reading but D-Man reads so much that it isn't necessary.
Surprise Island: The Boxcar Children Mysteries #2

Art: This is our big addition since Christmas. I ordered D-Man and myself the art program I Can All Things (ICDAT) with the instructional DVDs and supplies. We're still working on the fundamentals in the beginning (before we start the meat of the program). We are both really enjoying it and D-Man's even starting to create his own drawings using the techniques we've learned. I've noticed that I need to keep reminding myself that he is 6 and not to expect his drawings to look perfect. We are also going to start another art program on Jan 31st called Artistic Pursuits that goes along with our history program and includes some art appreciation. AP will be done once a week and ICDAT will be on demand. With the videos, I imagine he'll be able to do it independently.

Well, that's what is happening around here. Hope everyone else is having a good week.

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