Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekly Report- Week 24

Okay, I'm working on doing away with my blog perfectionist syndrome. I keep writing weekly updates and other posts but not publishing them because I haven't had time for pics. So...they might not have pictures (I'll try) but I will post them anyway. So here's how this week went down:

We had the best of plans for this week. School, gym, tutoring, dr. appt, fire truck visit, Bible study. Great stuff, right. Well, it all went out the door when Little J threw up at 9:20am on Tuesday. Thankfully, I still made it to my appointment due to a great friend but the rest of the week was shot. The stomach bug ravaged our house one by one until Friday. Okay, that's a little dramatic but it wasn't fun. We didn't do any school on Thursday because that was my day and D-Man's day to be sick. Poor guy was glued to the couch. We made up quite a bit on Friday since D-Man actually missed school and wanted to do a lot of math (tolerating spelling in between each activity) and went a little crazy with our new curricula. We did have to spend a good amount of the day disinfecting and cleaning on Friday and Saturday in between bouts of post-sickness exhaustion. it's Monday and the house is clean; everybody is well and feeling great.

Math:. We are still finishing up Miquon Red which is going slow as D-Man did all of the pages he deemed fun already. We have 20 pages left of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. They're all easy but he'd rather surge ahead in the Blue book which has negative numbers. Horizons is going well. We're just doing one lesson per day which keeps previous math topics fresh and reviews multiplication facts. Singapore Primary Math 2B is where our heavier lessons are coming from at the moment. We just finished up a unit on mental addition and subtraction and have moved onto multiplication by 4s. It's easy for D-Man but I'm really focusing on the 4s table (do you see a pattern?). Each day he does a drill exercise on either Flashmaster or my iPad and watches Multiplication Rock.

Spelling:. We are finished with all of our review lists and have been covering new material for the last two weeks. This week, we completed list J-2. It was an easy list for D-Man which was good since the sickness caused us to miss a day of enrichments. He easily scored 100% on the test on Friday. I don't like skipping material but not every week can be perfect. We are slowly working through our latest review page which is called the ER page and lists words by the different 'er' used. D-Man didn't want to write them all in one day and I didn't see the need to rush through it. We have been slacking on our phonogram and spelling rule reviews so I'm going to get on that. C-Monster joins us for that portion (voluntarily) and actually told me tat we missed it last and could we do it today.

Writing:. I haven't talked much about writing. We are working on it. I'm using a very gentle program called WWE which I really like. It focuses on narration (summarizing) and copywork. We do each of those 2-3 times per week. For copywork, I choose sentences from our reading and he copies them learning proper sentence structure. We just switched from 3rd grade dotted middle-line paper to regular wide-ruled paper. Because of this switch, we're also focusing on handwriting.

Reading:. Still truckin' along in this area. D-Man finished Daniel's Duck last week and started The Big Balloon Race.

Daniel's Duck (I Can Read Book 3)
The Big Balloon Race (I Can Read Book 3)

Read-Alouds: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was a huge hit here. I'd never read it before and was surprised by the differences between the book and the movie. We finished it earlier than scheduled, of course, and downloaded the sequel, The Marvelous Land of Oz. We're only on the second chapter of it so the jury's still out.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 100th Anniversary Edition (Books of Wonder)

We didn't do much with our electives last week because of the sickness but I have a feeling we'll get back to it this week. We did dive into grammar and Latin but I'll save that for another post.

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Angela said...

I like your weekly reports with the photos, but you have a point about the blog perfectionism issue and the photos can be time consuming. I just posted a progress report with no photos. Maybe not requiring those (in my own mind) will help me post more regularly.