Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekly Report: Weeks 38/39

I know this is really late, but I finally have somethig to report!! After a couple of months off, we finally have all of our new curriculum and have started back up. D-Man is still officially a Kindergartener, but we're starting the next level in our progression.

Sonlight: We received our big boxes full of books from Sonlight Tuesday night last week. YEAH!! The boys were eager to start reading books, so we started our first week right away. I didn't get them to bed until 9:30. Our new core is called Introduction to the World: Cultures. During this year, we'll get an overview of some geography and an idea of history. We started D-Man's timeline which he loves. So far, we've got several figures on our timeline from our Bible reading. The biggest hit so far has been our read-aloud, The Boxcar Children. In fact, we finished it last Saturday. D-Man loved the book and kept asking to read more chapters so we did. We weren't supposed to finish it until week 4, so we picked up a couple of sequels at the library and started the 2nd book Tuesday night.

We started studying Ancient Egypt this week. Since we tend to go through the SL material quickly, I decided to get some Ancient Egypt books from the library so that we can dive into the topic a little more. We'll cover it again next year, but I think D-Man will find the topic interesting. I'm also printing out some heiroglyphics activities that I found online since both boys were intrigued by them during our reading.

Math: Although, we received Singapore 2A last week, I've decided not to start it until this week. Instead, we tried to make some progress in Horizons 1. We finished lesson 125 last week and are eager to finish the rest of the book. D-Man progresses so quickly in math that it has become too easy and boring for him. I think that I need to be more picky about the exercises we do in Horizons 2 when we start it in June. D-Man did beg to do some PM2A, but balked when he saw that it was review. The review was covering place value to the tens place and he was a little confused about why that topic was being covered. He's just not a kid who needs much review and that is compounded by the fact that we school year around. This week, we focused on getting through the review in 2A and added in Miquon Orange for some meat. We did the first 6 lessons in 2A which he actually enjoyed once we got to some big numbers.

LA: We got more serious about learning cursive last week. I'm surprised at how well D-Man is taking to it. Now, he did ask to learn it, but I thought it would be harder for him than it has been. His fine motor skills have really improved this year. We've covered letters a, c, d, g, o, q, e, l, b, and f. I'm hoping we can continue doing 2/day and practice for the rest of the month. He's asking to start spelling again and I think the early lists will be really good cursive practice. I'll just have to see if he'll be able to handle that when we get to the beginning of May. The salt box has been a key activity in Cursive First for us. He starts cursive everyday with the salt box and it warms him up for writing on paper.

Geography: I got Galloping the Globe spiral bound this week which will be really helpful when I copy pages for D-Man. We'll be doing a quick overview of Egypt this week to go with history.

Field Trip: We tried to go to the zoo this week for C-Monster's 4th birthday, but we were rained out. We're renewing our membership, so we'll be going a lot this year. I'm planning on going next Friday, but am unsure if the zoo will be open. It's Fiesta time around here and most everything is closed next Friday. We'll see.

Well, that all for this week. We aren't starting the rest of our subjects until D-Man officially starts 1st grade in June.


Rachel said...

Hi, it's me the Brain picker from Sonlight :-) I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting a glimpse of what you are up to. Very inspiring!

Dinsfamily said...

Thanks, Rachel. You are funny! I'm glad that you are enjoying it. I'd love to see what you all are up to if you were ever inclined to blog about it ;)

Rachel said...

LOL I've considered joining the blogging world but, alas I have no nifty blog title.

Seriously, I've thought about it. I think your weekly updates are really cool. And of course I could imagine myself doing all these fun things with my kids so I'd have something to blog about. :-)

mommygirl @ HCA said...

Great report... how exciting!!! I wish we had a zoo nearby. I'm glad that Cursive First is working out for you guys.

I like the looks of that Sonlight timeline. A friend of mine has one, which I'm considering for the future as well, but she has her boys create their own pics and add them to the timeline... says it helps them remember events better that way. I may have my little man do some of that too. ;o)

Dinsfamily said...

We do love the zoo. In the past we've gotten passes to Seaworld since have one of those also, but the zoo is so much fun for us and much cheaper for a family of 5.

The timeline book from SL is really nice..high quality. I was thinking about buying the Homeschool in the Woods CD to print out my own figures, but I really like the idea of drawing them. Thanks for the idea!

Monica . . . said...

Hey, just as an fyi - did your Galloping the Globe have a CD in the back? Ours came with a CD that had all the reproducible pages on it..

Looking forward to hearing more from you,

Dinsfamily said...


It didn't!! I must have bought my copy just a little too early. I saw that Cantering the Country had a disk when I ordered and was bummed that GTG didn't. That would make life a bit easier.